Chinese Reading for Preschooler (婴幼儿汉字教学)

Chinese For Kids Chinese leveled reading, songs and resources.(儿童中文)

5Q Channel Reading Website: (五子登科)

Chinese Text Sampler An Annotated Collection of Digitized Chinese Texts for Students of Chinese Language and Culture Classical Chinese Readings

Chinapage Stories from Classical Chinese Literature

Chinese Reading World Univeristy of Iowa Chinese Program (爱荷华大学阅读天地)

Chinese Reading World by U of Virginia: University of Virginia (维吉尼亚大学阅读天地)

白雲書庫 A collection of various readings including modern and classical literature.

LangNet is a language learning support system with interactive materials designed for those who want to practice and maintain their target language reading and listening skills 卡通之窗 (By Comic Reader(QJReader) software needs to be downloaded and installed before reading these picture books.

Stories of Chinese Idioms and Proverbs 成語歷史故事 (By University of Southern California Chinese Language Program) Stories of Chinese idioms and proverbs.

The Mid Autumn Festival (By Wu, Sue-mei) Readings and online exercises based on the reading. Mid-Autumn Festival was introduced in simple Chinese. Good supplementary reading materials for intermediate learners.

newsinchinese.com泡泡中文 (By New in Chinese. Help in English. Moving cursing over the Chinese words, the pronunciation and English interpretation will be displayed.